How to Exercise and Handle the Top Three Balls for Basketball: Professional

How to Exercise and Handle the Top Three Balls for Basketball: The professional and mid-level levels are not the same as the ball-handling exercises you will undertake at the beginner or advanced level. When you are a beginner you do simple exercises like dribble into outer space without losing or doing basic crossover sleigh. Once you reach the middle level, your practice needs to be changed. The intermediate level is one level below the advanced level where you want and there are some exercises that can accelerate your development and help you achieve advanced ball-handling levels much faster. Let’s take a look at the top three medium ball handling practices for basketball. Dribble Speed ​​- To do this exercise, you need to be in a low position with your knees bent and dribbling the basketball as fast and fast as you can with your right hand for 30 seconds. Then repeat the process with your left hand. Do these two sets.

Full Court Sprint- This exercise should be done in indoor or outdoor full basketball courts. Basically you start at one end of the basketball court and run while dribbling basketball all the way to the end of the field. Then run all the way while basketballing. Do this with your right hand, then your left hand, then do this to push the ball with alternating hands. Be sure to keep your head and just go as fast as you can without losing control of the basketball.

Blindfold Crossover drill – This is a stationary exercise. Start by closing your eyes and bending your knees slightly and cross-crossing your crossover as quickly as possible. This exercise is designed to help you make crossover movements with ease. Once you can do this exercise quickly without messing it up, your crossover move will be much more deadly.

Warning: These are three excellent medium ball handling exercises that you can use immediately, do not neglect to use these exercises during practice.

When doing this exercise make sure you do it with high intensity. The more intense your workout, the more you will benefit from it. You can do this exercise with friends or by yourself. They are all very effective exercises, and basketball coaches around the world are using this exercise to help their players better.

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