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Defensive Drills

Drills Basketball – Top 5 Exercises You Can Use Every Practices

You want your players to have both hands out, knees bent (not bent on their backs!), And head. This is the correct posture, and you must be militant about making sure the defense always has this posture. Also, players must slide on the floor to keep the ball and the player in front of them instead of chasing the man with the ball. In this exercise, use cones to mark the area 8-12 feet wide and at least 30 feet long. One of the players in this exercise will have a ball and the other will practice defensive slide. The player with the ball will lead until he hit the left side, then dribble right, until he hit the other boundary. The goal is to force the defensive player offensive player to go all the way to the sideline without fouling or losing position. It would make such a zig-zag pattern and will help with the defensive and sliding. read more »